Advanced Social Network Investigation- MySpace, Facebook (HIDTA) Course

Course ID 10-013
Course Topic Advanced Social Network Investigation- MySpace, Facebook (HIDTA)
Course Start March 24, 2010
Course End March 25, 2010
Course Time 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
Course Days Wednesday, Thursday
Course Hours 16.00

Charles Cohen Indiana State Police
Location Schererville 
Class Max 71 
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Course Description

There are over 300 known social networking sites on the Internet. has over 260 million users and adds 20,000 new users each day. Too often, investigators overlook or under utilize this valuable resource. Social networking sites are virtual communities. As in any large community criminal organizations, fraud, violent crime, and victimization exist. Investigators need to understand these communities along with the tools, tricks and techniques to prevent, track and solve crimes.

This two day (16 hour) advanced course is designed for police officers, detectives, criminal analysts, probation officers and parole officers. Students with any level of familiarity with the Internet and computers, from beginning to advanced, will find this course beneficial.

The program gives students an up-to-date understanding of how social networking sites work and how members act and interact. Students will learn what information is available on various sites and how to integrate that information into criminal investigations and criminal intelligence analysis.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Be familiar with the operation of the largest sites, to include:,,, and
  • Understand how criminal organizations use online social networks to interact, identify victims and conceal their identity.
  • Receive extensive information on the two learning trends in online social networks-Multi User Environments and mobilization. To include: understanding how immersive social networks, such as Second Life and Sony's Home are exploited by criminals and how these sites can be used to gather criminal intelligence; and become acquainted with the latest mobile social networking technology and platform, including Google Latitude, Helio and AirG.
  • Know what information is available from social networking sites through the service of legal process, and how to make that service.
  • Practice preserving the publicly viewable portions of a suspect profile or group in a forensically sound manner.
  • Have a clear understanding how criminals exploit social communities through case studies and live online examples.
  • Learn how to identify real-life intelligence targets by participating in the virtual world of social networking.
  • Understand the methodology and pitfalls of virtual undercover operations.
  • Attendees receive course materials, including legal process contact information, preservation letters, boilerplate compliance documents, and resource guides.

    NOTICE: Course contains graphic content including profanity, and sexual and violent images.

    This course will be limited to 5 officers per agency. We encourage officers to car pool due to the limited parking.


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