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"Singleton International" M4/AR15 & MP5 Instructor

Course Information

Course ID: 17-029
Course Start: 4/23/2017
Course End: 4/28/2017
Course Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Course Days: SMTWHF
Course Hours: 48.00

Location Information

509 Douglas St
Hammond, IN 46320

Pricing Information

Member Tuition: 775.00
Non Member Tuition: 775.00

Class Participant Information

Class Maximum Size: 0

Course Description

**To register for this course, return the registration form to Singleton Intl. Openings in this program given only on receipt of the registration form.**

Hammond Police Department will be hosting a "Singleton International" M4/AR15 & MP5 instructor program from Sunday April 23-Friday, April 28, 2017. This course will be held at their range facilities on the N.W. Indiana & N.E. Illinois border. 

Designed for Patrol Rifle & Tactical Team Instructors
Open to ANY Semi or Full-Automatic SMG/Rifle in 9mm - .223 Caliber. 

This 6 day program is designed to cover all aspects of the Rifle & SMG for Instructor level attendees. Emphasis is given to training the instructor on how to get the best out of his students both on the firing line and operationally. 

There is NO training pre-requisite required to attend this program, however it is a recommendation only, and NOT MANDATORY, that once you have the certificate, and you do not use the SMG/Rifle for over 3 or more years, retake the range segments of the instructor program only (4 days Monday - Thursday @ $525.00).

The Costs are: $775.00 per person
                          $525.00 per person for re-certification.
Payable by check, credit card, PO or Cash to Singleton International. 

The certificate will qualify all attendees for both H&K and Colt systems. All attendees will be encouraged to familiarize themselves with both. 

Course Materials

Individual Requirements
Ear & Impact resistant and wrap-around eye protection
Comfortable clothing suitable for the range under all weather conditions
Full tactical equipment and body armor is NOT required. 

Firearms:(You can attend with one of any of these firearms.)
Open to any Semi-Automatic or Full-Automatic. 9mm - .223 Caliber. 

-H&K MP5, MP7, UMP, 53, 33, G36, or 416
-Colt SMG, M4 or M16 A1/A2 Rifle.
-ANY M4. All brands. 
-Sig Sauer.LWRC. S&W & ANY other SMG/Rifle: 9mm - .223 Caliber
-2 x 30 round or 3 x 20 round magazines per attendees
-Hand gun and holster per attendee. 

-1200 rounds minimum of good factory manufactured ammunition. (Note: if attending with more than one weapon system the total ammo count is still 1200. Decide how many rounds from each weapon you want to fire.)
-75 rounds of pistol ammunition. 

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