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One-Day Computer Digital Investigations Training**CANCELLED**

Course Information

Course ID: 20-008
Course Start: 5/20/2020
Course End: 5/20/2020
Course Time: 5/20/2020 9:00 AM to 5/20/2020 4:00 PM
Course Days: W
Course Hours: 8.00

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705 East 4th Street
Hobart, IN 46342

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Member Tuition: 375.00
Non Member Tuition: 375.00

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Class Maximum Size: 22

Course Description

To register for this course call 1-815-245-8476

Who Should Attend? Sworn staff who investigate, supervise, or monitor offenders in our communities. Non-sworn ancillary staff who work with and provide direct support to sworn officers; Parole Agents, Probation Officers, Patrol Officers, Evidence Technicians, Detectives, etc. Supervisors can utilize the software to review departmental computers and collected data.

How does it work? Field Search software is deployed from a USB drive by officers in the field and plugged into the suspect computer (probation enforcement, search warrants, knock and talks, etc.). Displays information and can read media attached to a computer; digital camera, CD’s, external hard drive, sims/SD cards, etc. The software is designed for all levels of computer users from the novice to experienced. Collects and create a court worthy report of the evidence found with ease. New techniques for hash batch processing CP images for submission to NCMEC, Project VIC, or ICAC.

Field Sear Why should I attend the training to become certified in the use of “Field Search Software”?

- A certificate of completion from the National Law Enforcement Corrections and Technology Center (NLECTC) will be
provided to each attendee upon successful completion of this course by the Certified Field Search Instructor. This
certification provides credibility to the attendee and will enhance courtroom testimony.
-Our mobile computer lab case studies include: Arson Investigation, Bombings, Financial Crimes, Homicide Investigation,
Probation Enforcement and URL (Website) search recovery.

How will attending this training help me do my job and support public safety:

Patrolman/ Detectives/ Federal Agents: Officers use “Field Search Software” during the initial phases of an investigation
to determine if a computer has relevant case information. Previewing the computer’s hard drive will frequently
substantiate evidence of a crime. Examined peripheral devices (USB drives, CD’s, external hard drives, tablets, SD, Micro-
Sims Cards, multi-card readers, etc.) may also provide critical case information. Field Search Software will pre-view the computer video’s (still frame critical events), collect images in a gallery viewer, recover archived chat logs, examine
browser history, document registry information, view documents, and easily merge this information into a detailed court
worthy report. The zipping tool allows for the copying and exporting of the critical information from the target computer
back to the USB. Law Enforcement uses Field Search Software to keep our communities safe across the country for
probation monitoring, parole supervision, sex offender monitoring, knock and talks, search warrants, and administrative
oversight. A great tool for gathering intelligence, uncovering counter terrorism activities, or just sharing information.
A newly developed search function provides the user the ability to scan a drive for file hits against known HASH sets.

A HASH is a virtual “fingerprint” of a computer file. Each computer file, via a mathematical algorithm, produces a unique set
of letters and numbers that identifies it; change one letter in a file or one pixel in a picture, and the file generates a new
HASH. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children maintains a HASH database of all known child pornography
images-files, and if a law enforcement agency has access to that database, analysts can use Field Search to compare the
files on a computer hard drive and locate matches from the data base. Our training covers collection techniques,
submission guidelines, and networking contacts (NCMIC/ ICAC/ Project VIC.).

Our training class will also provide information on “shareware” and “open source diagnostic tools”. For example: a “hash
utility tool” will calculate files to MD5 and SHA1 value. You can easily copy the MD5/SHA1 hashes lists into txt., .html, .xml
for file comparison. Use the “batch hashing” tool to process hundreds of CP images from a folder at one time and save
that data into an excel sheet automatically (ID via SHA1 base32, MD5, SHA-256, CRC32). That list can then be provided to
the appropriate law enforcement agency in hopes of identifying and linking victims of child exploitation.
The meta-data viewing utility can prove helpful in extracting information from a photo; view picture creation file date &
time, device used to create digital image, recover GPS-GEO tag identifying latitude-longitude for image. Convert latitude
and longitude in google-earth to see where picture was taken on map. Use cropping tool for parching videos into .pdf
pages, or power point slides. Extensive literature library included; “Best Practices” literature, community corrections,
probation monitoring guidelines, etc..

School Resource Officers: SRO’s and school administrators may use FS to review the digital information being stored on
school-issued tablets or computers. FS is a powerful tool used to quickly and efficiently search computer equipment and
determine if devices were used by students outside, or against, school usage policies. Did the computer download banned
images, music, or access prohibited social media sites? For more information see the attached link:
Narcotic/ Gang Officer- Search for a suspect phone number, name, street address, e-mail addresses, financial account
numbers, bank routing numbers, social media information- artifacts, chats history, photos, videos, search for UPS
shipments via tracking numbers, or scanned U.S. Postal email service letters. Examine chat activity for Skype, Windows
Live, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger.

Course Materials

Students should bring a lap top computer to class, if not available, use one of ours!
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