Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Firearms Instructor

Course Information

Course ID: 2019-259B
Course Start: 8/26/2019
Course End: 8/30/2019
Course Days: MTWHF
Course Hours: 40.00

Location Information

705 East 4th Street
Hobart, IN 46342

Pricing Information

Member Tuition: 0.00
Non Member Tuition: 500.00

Class Participant Information

Class Maximum Size: 22

Course Description

Only individuals who meet the following prerequisites will be enrolled:

Basic graduate with a minimum of 3 years law enforcement experience or an approved ILEA waiver for extenuating circumstances.

Successful completion of the Proficiency Pre-Qualification Test.

Successful completion of a LETB-approved Instructor Development Course

This course includes how to organize and conduct firearms training programs, when lethal force should and should not be used, and how to improve and maintain proficiency levels.  As part of this course, the candidate will be assigned to a group, where the group will be responsible for designing and conducting a Firearms Live Fire program.

They will be evaluated in the following areas:
Written Course Objectives
Written Lesson Plans
Live Fire Course Diagrams
Acting as a Range Safety Officer
Acting as a Lead Instructor

Also, as part of the course each candidate will be tested and evaluated on the following skills:

-Draw Stroke
-Flashlight Techniques
-Combat/Tactical Magazine Changes
-Movement Drill
-Malfunction Clearance Drill

Course Materials

Students will need to bring:



Safety Equipment

Writing Utensil


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