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Basic Crime Scene Processing

Course Information

Course ID: 20-011
Course Start: 9/14/2020
Course End: 9/16/2020
Course Time: 9/14/2020 8:00 AM to 9/16/2020 4:00 PM
Course Days: MTW
Course Hours: 24.00

Location Information

705 East 4th Street
Hobart, IN 46342

Pricing Information

Member Tuition: 0.00
Non Member Tuition: 300.00

Class Participant Information

Class Maximum Size: 16

Course Description

This 3-day course of instruction will provide the student with the techniques and skills necessary to process crime scenes.  The course is intended for patrol officers to seasoned detectives.  Topics covered include:

  • The responsibilities and duties of the officer responding to the crime scene along with the chain of custody and the packaging of evidence to meet the demands of our court systems today will be covered.
  • Photography will be included in the course to learn how to properly document a crime scene and the evidence within.  This will include how to properly photograph fingerprints, footwear impressions, tire tracks, and injuries a victim may have received.
  • Fingerprinting methods and strategies will be included in hands-on training.  The instructors will cover how and what to fingerprint at a crime scene explaining the most common techniques used for the best results. 
  • With technology constantly changing, more and more convictions are occurring through the collection of DNA.  This course will include how to collect DNA and the best locations that DNA can be collected from. 

On the last day of the course, we will implement the techniques taught to process mock crime scenes to achieve a thorough understanding of how each of the topics covered plays a major role in a well-processed crime scene.  

Course Materials

Students will need to bring a camera, a basic evidence kit, paper, and a pen/pencil. 
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