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Criminal Interdiction

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Course ID: 18-007
Course Start: 2/26/2018
Course End: 2/27/2018
Course Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Course Days: MT
Course Hours: 16.00

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705 E. 4th Street
Hobart, Indiana 46342

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Member Tuition: 0.00
Non Member Tuition: 0.00

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Class Maximum Size: 61

Course Description

This course is offered to N.I.L.E.A. members only and funded by a grant from the Lake County Substance Abuse Council. 

This course is limited to 5 officers per agency. 

This course will be held at the Hobart Police Department.

Criminal Interdiction presented by

This course is designed to make the Police Officer confident in their every day duties as well as become proficient and open their eyes to Criminal and Narcotic Interdiction. This training will teach a police officer how to detect when a crime is about to be committed, is being committed, and has been committed.  Dept’s should know that this training is more than “Drug Interdiction.”  Crime is broad, and this training may very well be able to prevent acts of terrorism and mass casualty.  Give your police officers the “know how” to detect and prevent such all impending crimes. 

In the class the student will learn Patrol Tactics,  identifying criminal behaviors and reactions to police presence, Drug Trends, Consent Searches, and HOW TO  NEVER LOSE WHEN SOMEBODY IS LYING ABOUT WHO THEY ARE!  These methods have been proven to be efficient and are COMPLETELY LEGAL derived from law manuals. We will show you legal and effective methods for conducting Re-Active and Pro-Active patrol functions.  This training puts the police officer in the position to win legally! THIS COURSE BENEFITS ALL DIVISIONS OF A POLICE DEPT, NOT JUST PATROL!


This course has been created and is instructed by Dennis Benigno.  Benigno has had 16 years of Law Enforcement experience as a Corrections Officer, Police Officer in Washington D.C., and his last years as a municipal police officer in the State of NJ.   Benigno, a pro-active police officer, developed this course after recognizing the need for a class that can offer specific training to all police officers in pro-active work and overall police knowledge. First offered in November of 2012, the training has reached over 4000 police officers to date. 

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