Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Field Search Training

Course Information

Course ID: 24-012
Course Start: 8/28/2024 8:30:00 AM
Course End: 8/28/2024 2:30:00 PM
Course Time: 8/28/2024 8:30:00 AM to 8/28/2024 2:30:00 PM
Course Days: 0
Course Hours: 0

Location Information

705 E 4th Street
Hobart, IN

Pricing Information

Member Tuition: 595.00
Non Member Tuition: 595.00

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Class Maximum Size: 0

Course Description

For information call Deborah 1-815-245-8476, or register online

We train- Patrol, Det., SRO, Prob/Parole, Sex Offender Units, I.T., Ancillary Staff, dispatchers, etc.

Northern Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Computer Investigations class: “Field Search” Training

Basic First Responder Computer Investigations Training

(Indiana POST Certified#51-0631537).


SMARTPHONE_ Video-Pictures-folders recovered/ reviewed)

Field Search Software is deployed from a USB by officers in the field. The software provides

a quick and efficient examination of a suspect’s computer. The report is saved back onto

the USB drive which each student receives. Easy to use.

Pre-view and confront offenders with recovered digital evidence while on scene. Field Search Software

is available free of charge to government agencies. Field Search Software was initially grant funded by

the (NLECTC-CCOE). All students will receive a licensed copy of this software included at no cost. No

hidden costs- or- re-occurring fees.

Cost is $595.00 per student.

All students will receive a licensed copy of Field Search (V5.2) software. Officers receive a 4GB USB drive

with all course material, 15+ additional easy to use investigative software tools (Hashing tools, GEO tag

tracing, etc.). Examine peripheral devices (USB drives, CD’s, external hard drives, tablets, SD, Micro Sims

Cards, multi-card readers, etc.) this may provide critical case information.

Officers will learn how to search a suspect’s computer using the latest proven technology. We provide

the venue, instruction, certification, mobile computer lab, complete with case studies to aid with the

hands-on learning experience. Students will be able to use the tools in the field by the end of the class.

Preview different operating systems; Win 11, Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, XP, etc. Field Search will find and

display (Windows & some MAC’s):

•Files sitting in the recycle bin (user believes they deleted these files, date and time deleted).

•Keyword Search looks for email address, victim names, credit card, or account numbers.

•URL records (Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) even deleted, (some limitations WIN 11).

•Images (Pictures) several different formats-JPEG, GIF, BMT, PNG, and many more.

•Videos (Movies) several different formats-WMV, MPEG, FLV etc.

Recently Updated Information & Tools

• Software & techniques for hashing exploitation images, agency submission process/

information for PHOTO-DNA and Project Vic. (Contact information).

• Video cropping tool for video parsing/ converts to pdf. file still frames.

• Metadata- review tool. See information available for device used to create image.

• Helpful links section from website.

**Cost is $595.00 per student **

Students should bring a laptop to class, if not available, use one of ours! Call to reserve one.

Course Materials