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Field Search Software Certification

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Course ID: 23-004
Course Start: 6/13/2023 9:00:00 AM
Course End: 6/13/2023 5:00:00 PM
Course Time: 6/13/2023 9:00:00 AM to 6/13/2023 5:00:00 PM
Course Days: 0
Course Hours: 0

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705 East 4th Street
Hobart, IN 46342

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Member Tuition: 395.00
Non Member Tuition: 395.00

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Course Description

Field Search Software Training (V5.2): This training is valuable for the first responder who needs to triage/ or preview computers-based evidence while in the field. Confront offenders with pre-viewed and recovered digital evidence while on scene, or during enforcement activity. This tool will help determine what digital information is not of investigative value and what items should possibly be sent to the crime laboratory for additional analysis. Officers will be able to save time and money by being able to pre-view digital evidence immediately. Call us if you have questions or visit search.html Cost is $395.00 per student (for training and certification). How does it work? Field Search software is deployed from a USB drive by officers in the field and plugged into the suspect computer (probation enforcement, search warrants, knock and talks, etc.). Displays information and can read media attached to computer; digital camera, CD’s, external hard drive, sims/SD cards, etc. Software is designed for all levels of computer users from the novice to experienced. Collects and create a court worthy report of the evidence found with ease. New techniques for hash batch processing CP images for submission to NCMEC, Project VIC, or ICAC. Who Should Attend? Sworn staff who investigate, supervise, or monitor offenders in our communities. Non-sworn ancillary staff who work with and provide direct support to sworn officers; Parole Agents, Probation Officers, Patrol Officers, Evidence Technicians, Detectives, etc. Supervisors can utilize the software to review departmental computers and collected data. Military uses software as counterterrorism tool. Field Search Software is available free of charge to government agencies. Field Search Software was initially grant funded by the (NLECTC-CCOE). All students will receive a licensed copy of this software. No hidden costs- or- re-occurring fees. Officers receive a 4GB USB drive with all course material, 15+ additional easy to use investigative software tools (Hashing tools, GEO tag tracing, etc.). Officers will learn how to search a suspect’s computer using FS technology. We provide the venue, instruction, certification, mobile computer lab, complete with case studies to aid with the hands-on learning experience. Students will be able to use the tools in the field by the end of the class. Preview different operating systems; Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, XP, etc./ Example of files- Field Search will find and display: • URL records (i.e., even some records the suspect believes he deleted! • Images (Pictures) several different formats....JPEG, GIF, BMT, PNG, and many more. • Videos (Movies) several different formats....WMV, MPEG, FLV etc. • Files sitting in the recycle bin (user believes they deleted these files, date and time they were deleted). • Keyword Search tool allows an investigator look for email addresses, victim names and numbers, credit card, or account numbers etc. FS Win (V5.2): New GUI interface, Compatibility with Windows 8 and 10, (IE 10+ and Edge browsers), Full UTF-8 keyword search, Sort image gallery, Sort Recycler, Offline registry hive analysis, Chat History for Skype, Windows Live, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, HASH comparison to known database, Improved report functions and Improved media file handling. Software works on both Windows based and Macintosh based computers. Organized, easy to read report is created automatically and is complete when leaving scene. Report can be saved as PDF or Word document for easy presentation or emailing. Cost is $395.00 per student. Check out more information on Field Search at: Call to reserve one. To Register Call: 1-815-245-8476 (Deborah), or go to On-line registration: (under Course Registration tab) Group onsite training available at your location please call for more information.

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