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Building Searches

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Course ID: 18-048
Course Start: 9/28/2018
Course End: 9/28/2018
Course Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Course Days: F
Course Hours: 8.00

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705 East 4th Street
Hobart, IN 46342

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Member Tuition: 185.00
Non Member Tuition: 185.00

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Class Maximum Size: 30

Course Description

Building searches are something that all officers will end up having to do during their careers. 

This course will get you in, through and out of just about any building you have to clear safely.  This course will also cover Active Shooter - Single Man Entry, which is not usually covered in Active Shooter courses. 

Building searches can be tense, uncertain, rapidly evolving, dynamic and fluid situations.  Officers need to prepare themselves if they are to win such an encounter.

The tactics and strategies have been used in actual building searches by military and law enforcement personnel, and are not just “textbook” instructions.

After completing this course, the officer will be able to:

Identify various calls for service that may constitute a building search.

Explain the Four Phases involved in a response to a building search call.

Identify basic practices related to responding to a “crime in progress” call.

List various essentials that are needed to do a building search.

Explain how the buddy system works when searching.

Demonstrate the methods of searching tactics.

Demonstrate a proper method for room clearing.

Demonstrate how to use fanning, arching, pieing, and angles to your advantage.

Demonstrate various flashlight holds.

Demonstrate various low light tactics.

Explain light discipline.

List basic steps to follow when responding to and controlling a scene with a barricaded subject.

Applying building search tactics and strategies to Active Shooter Single Man Entry.

How to deal with “blue on blue” encounters.

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