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GLOCK Operator Course

Course Information

Course ID: 18-002
Course Start: 5/2/2018
Course End: 5/3/2018
Course Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Course Days: WH
Course Hours: 16.00

Location Information

705 E. 4th Street
Hobart, Indiana 46342

Pricing Information

Member Tuition: 300.00
Non Member Tuition: 300.00

Class Participant Information

Class Maximum Size: 0

Course Description

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This class will be held at the Hobart Police Department. 


*Range procedures and commands

*Nonmenclature of the Glock Pistol


*Dry Practice

*Presentation of the pistol

*Fundamentals of Marksmanship

*Manipulation of the Glock pistol

*Ready positions


*Target engagements

*Shooting on the move.

Course Materials

Required Student Equipment:

*A GLOCK pistol with no modifications other than sights or external cosmetics. Pistols with internal or external modifications that could render the pistol less safe than it was when originally produced are not allowed. 
* A strong side, belt supported holster which covers the trigger and trigger guard. Duty holsters are highly encouraged but not required.
* Magazine carrier(s) with or without flaps, capable of carrying two magazines.
*3 magazines
*A belt capable of supporting the weight of the holster, pistol and magazine.
*Eye protection, hearing protection and a hat or ball cap with a brim or bill to prevent fired cases from landing behind the shooters glasses. 
*1000 rounds of factory loaded ammunition of the proper caliber. 

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